Budgie Dreams 10

budgiedream10Maybe when Sunny sleeps, she is dreaming about Dewey’s return. I miss him, too. This is what I remember about him.

We brought Dewey home because he had such bright colors and was a beautiful bird. After getting him home, we saw he had been sick and worried that we would have to return him. Instead, we cleaned him and watched him carefully. After going through quarantine, we introduced Dewey to Cooper. He immediately took to her, but she was somewhat indifferent to him. It wasn’t long before Ozzie came along and he and Dewey became good buddies.

Everything changed with the addition of Sunny. From the beginning, it was obvious that Dewey and Sunny were in love. Since they met, the two of them have never separated, until the very end. When Dewey got up in the morning, the first thing he did was go to Sunny’s side and start chatting her up. The two would always groom each other and when they did, it was obvious they were enjoying themselves.

I’d never really thought about birds having much personality, but Dewey changed that. If he wasn’t the leader of the flock, he was definitely the point man or the instigator. All the boys wanted to be Dewey and the girls wanted to be with him. He was the fruit ninja. Dewey played air hockey. He was my hockey team’s mascot.¬†Whenever we opened the cage, he was usually the first one out and the flock would not follow unless Dewey was flying around.

How Dewey loved to fly. All the birds are fully flighted, but Dewey just seemed to get an extra kick out of flying. When he was on your finger, he was always looking to where he would fly next.¬†The other birds climb down the cage to get back in. Not Dewey, he would jump off the top, turning in mid-air to swoop back in even though it was a few inches away. I liked to call that maneuver the “Dewey Drop”.

The flock has definitely gotten quieter since Dewey passed. You will be missed Little Man.

4 thoughts on “Budgie Dreams 10

  1. Harry, that is so sweet. Poor little Sunny – they were such a bonded pair.

    I’m so glad you managed to capture the “Dewey Drop” on camera. He was such a little flyboy.

    Dewey was the only budgie that would let us kiss him repeatedly (but at the same time itching to fly off to a new adventure). We were lucky to have him in our lives.

  2. Was there ever any definitive diagnosis for Dewey’s ailment…? I hate the lack if Avian Vets in my area and there’s nothing worse to me than wracking ones brain, researching Budgie ailments, longing to understand what went wrong, and yet being left with no answers and the frustration of lack of closure. It can drive a person nuts sometimes.

    • Yes, the vet performed a necropsy and found that Dewey had a large blockage of undigestable material in his stomach. We aren’t positive about the material composition but believe it was something from one of their toys. There was nothing we could have done about it.

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