7 thoughts on “And I love you so

  1. What a sweet tweeter. If you listen closely, you can hear the other birds with some backup vocals.

  2. How are the other birds doing, especially Sunny? Have they been distance-chirping for Dewey? Lovely singing by Cooper and the chorus.

    • They know something’s up. They’ve been subdued and don’t come out as much as they did before. We had a bedtime routine and everybirdie had their spot – now there’s a lot of shuffling around and squabbling at night.

      No distance chirping for Dewey. We brought him in a couple of times when he was ill to just to briefly visit (see them in their cage). Perhaps they knew how ill he was…

      We moved Emmy into the room with them. Her quarantine is up, but she’s in a separate cage until she’s finger tame. We think her presence is a bit of a distraction, though none of the budgies really seem that interested in her. She is in them, though!

      Cooper just loves to sing along to music. I thought I better start recording some of it because it’s so sweet.

  3. Michelle, thanks so much for the details about the other budgies. They may have sensed how sick Dewey was when you brought him in to visit them and know enough not to call.

    Cooper the singer – very much worth recording and sharing! When Emmy’s ready, she’ll be joining quite a crew.

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