Did you know that January is “Adopt a Bird Month”?cageMeet Gordie – our newest addition! We found Gordie (we named him after Gordie Howe – Mr. Hockey) on Craigslist. Here he is in his quarantine cage.gordieGordie is approximately 5 years old and has had at least two former owners. His previous owner did a great job taming him after acquiring him from some neglectful owners. He loves to sit on shoulders, but is wary of stepping up. We’ll try to work on that.hgHarry is going to be a favorite perch. It’s good to be tall! This little budgie is a sweetie, and I can’t wait for him to meet the rest of the flock.

*The fact that he is blue is a just a coincidence! Gordie was the first budgie we saw on the animal shelter sites/Craigslist.

9 thoughts on “Gordie!

    • I know! But we wanted a male to round things out. Not a replacement for Dewey (as if anybirdie could replace the little guy), but we would like an even number of males and females.

      Gordie’s a little love and already spent some time today on Harry’s shoulder watching hockey.

      Must stay off Craigslist… And the shelter sites…

  1. You are addicted to getting more budgies!! Welcome to the flock Gordie, you have found a wonderful forever home 🙂

    Maybe its just me, but he looks just like Ozzie! 😯

    • I am!

      He does look very much like Ozzie. He doesn’t have the little white patch on the back of his head, though. You can tell them apart when you’re up close, but when they’re out and about it might be tough : ).

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