Obi is 68!

Yesterday we went to a fundraiser for Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary. The fundraiser was a 68th birthday party for Obi (an Umbrella Cockatoo). 

The birds celebrated with treats. And there were treats for the humans, too.

Here we are with Timmy (an Eclectus we sponsor) and Braidy, my new love.

Here is Braidy in all his pinny glory.

And here are some of the other wonderful birds we visited with.

Midori wants up.

Jesse wants scritches.

Harry was happy to help out.

There’s a cockatoo in there somewhere…

There are birds available at Free Flight to adopt or sponsor.

We now sponsor Ozzie, too. Who could resist this little cutie?

Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Obie. He and the other cockatoos seemed excited by the singing – all the crests went up. Here is the birthday boy with a yummy walnut.

Happy birthday Obie!

2 thoughts on “Obi is 68!

  1. These are WONDERFUL birds! So beautiful, so sweet. And thanks and gratitude for the presence of Free Flight and other bird refuges! Thanks to your photos and videos I am going to call them right now and increase my monthly donation. Puck will just have to tighten his millet belt.

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