2 thoughts on “Cooper’s Day Off

  1. She looks a lot like Bluey in this picture. Except for the cere, the pin feathers, and the heart shaped throat spot. Bluey still has his baby feathers. Bluey looks really scruffy at the moment. He’s moulting. I’ve never seen so many feathers before! Even with Gari! Should I be worried about this?

    • Sometimes our budgies have a light moult and sometimes a heavy one. Sometimes I think we could make a whole new bird out of the feathers they lose. Dewey even had some bald patches on his head. I’m guessing Bluey is just going through a heavy moult. Make sure that he is getting plenty of sleep and nutritious food. He might be grumpy (ours can be grumpy when they’re moulting or growing out their pin feathers.
      I’m not an expert, though. A wonderful place to ask questions is the group Budgies Help and Advice on facebook. Here is the link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BudgiesHelpAndAdvice/

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