In the spotlight – Sido!

sidocompBringing Sido home from the bird rescue was one of the best decisions we ever made. She just loves to hang out with us (Harry, especially). She greets us with a chirp or whistle when we walk by. “Hey, come get me!” is what I think she’s saying.

She has figured out bathing now. She’s gone from just standing in the water to fluffing her feathers. I think a bigger bathtub helped. That and Harry sprinkling water on her back.

This is her spot on the computer. If I want to get any typing done – too bad!

2 thoughts on “In the spotlight – Sido!

    • Her tail and wing feathers are getting close to filling in, too. She has started to try flying. It makes us worry because we don’t know if she has flown indoors before.

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