Free Flight Holiday

Yesterday we visited the Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary to visit the birds and do a little holiday shopping. We decided on these drinking glasses, that are also available on CafePress.

free_flight_drinking_glassThe birds also have a “Dear Santa list” for toys or donations.

Aussie, Harley and Dusty (or maybe it’s Aussie, Dusty and Harley…)tielsAruba and Kiwi – These two are little cuddlebunnies.akOzzie shows us how to floof.ozzieBaby Bird – such a cute little clown.bbPeanut is a sweetheart. In a perfect world, all birds would fly free.peanutAbby says, “Happy Holidays!”abby

4 thoughts on “Free Flight Holiday

  1. I spent a lot of time with Peanut on this visit. She is such a sweet bird and loves getting her head scritched. It’s so sad that she plucks, but I’m happy that she has a great home.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Good thing I don’t have a sanctuary close to me or I would have to take all the birds home!

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