Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Pippy! Pippy lives with his two humans in the UK.4Pippy was adopted on the May 25, 2015. His favourite toy is his purple and blue cat toy with a bell in it, as it makes lots of noise when he throws it from the kitchen counter top.1Pippy enjoys sitting on a pot in the window of the kitchen playing the echo game. He likes to hear the echo of his own voice when he talks into the pot.5Pippy’s favourite treat is of course millet! But he has been known to steal egg noodles from our plate at dinner time –  and stir fry vegetables! He can be little chatter box. His favourite phrases are, “budgie, budgie bird”, “cute bird”, “beautiful bird” and “what are you doing?”.2 You can follow Pippy on both facebook and Instagram.3

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