Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Gizmo (right) and Tobias (left)!11026803_1609363402638395_7225756898741375119_nGizmo and Toby live in Western Australia.18299_1599998833574852_2625022684320555212_nGizmo’s favourite toy is his bell, he likes to stick his head up it and wear it like a hat to snooze. If he gets in trouble, he hides his head in the bell thinking if he can’t see me then I can’t see him. We play lots of games with his bell too.10644215_1511742849067118_7623228161216215547_oToby on the other hand loves his mirror. He is a vain little boy and loves nothing more than to sit in front of the mirror talking to himself. He wolf whistles every time I walk into the room which makes me laugh. He & Gizmo are the best of friends.10847817_1596076587300410_3560458690704603625_nGizmo has his own facebook page. You can see more photos and watch videos of Gizmo and Toby here.11182339_1613669968874405_7264021479420541202_n



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