On Sunday afternoon we noticed that Cooper had an egg starting to emerge. We put her in a separate cage, but unfortunately, the egg got stuck halfway out. Our vet is closed on Sundays, and the emergency vet that they refer clients to knew nothing about budgies. We were told to keep her quiet until the vet’s office opened on Monday morning.eggWe kept her in a room with the heat and humidfier on. Later we gave her a warm bath and put a little olive oil on her opening. But that egg was not going anywhere. Monday morning we took her in. The vet put her under anesthetic, removed the egg and some damaged tissue and made sure her prolapse was repaired. Cooper also needed a couple stitches so that everything stays in place. We were able to spend some time with her when she came out from under the anesthesia, but they kept her overnight to give her pain meds, fluids and monitor her.  Of course, Harry and I were a wreck through the whole process.scritchTuesday afternoon we picked her up. She looked so much better. She was perkier and was eating. It was so nice to get her home. She is in the recovery container, where she’ll be for at least 10 days. She has oral pain meds and antibiotic injections she’ll need to take for a week. She’s been a real trouper about them. Here she is letting me scritch her (which I haven’t been able to do since she was an only budgie).zzzToday she was very sleepy. She wasn’t eating very much either. Her back end is a mess, and needs to be cleaned when she poops. Hopefully that will look better when the swelling goes down, her stitches are removed (in about 10 days) and her underfluffies grow back.eatIn the afternoon she woke up long enough to eat a reassuring amount of food (Phew!). She even had enough energy to try and look for a way out of the container (by going under the paper towel). And I was permitted to give her another scritch session.perchCooper was perching on the food bowl, which didn’t look comfortable at all. So Harry built her a little perch to rest on. We also bought some dish towels for the bottom of the container. Much more comfy than a paper towel.

She is doing much better and I have to thank the Cooper’s Corner friends for all their well wishes and love – and particularly, the Crazy Bird Ladies for their advice and support. It helped us through some scary hours. And I know that all that positive energy made its way to Cooper when she needed it most. XOXO



8 thoughts on “ReCooperating

  1. I just can imagine how terrible the situation must have been for her and of course you and Harry.

    I’m glad that everything went well and that she’ll recover soon.

    • Thank you Traven. It’s so hard to see this little ones not doing well. I’m looking forward to the day where she’s back with the flock.

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