Budgies on TV

House Hunters hh1Mid-century Modern vs. Rustic Ranch in San Diego (Season 113, Episode 5).hh2Two little budgies (and their humans, self-confessed “bird people” Skip and Ashley) are looking for a new home in San Diego. Skip would like a home with a view, air conditioning and a 2 car garage. Ashley wants a gas stove and a laundry room. Skip does not want a fixer upper, but Ashley is fine with doing some work on the house. The couple look at three homes before deciding on the one they will buy.hh3The couple does not get everything they’re looking for (no gas stove top, no garage, no working AC). But they did get the price of the house down and are happy with their new home. Ashley’s favorite part of the house is the living room, where she can look out at the sun room and watch the birds. Skip is thrilled with his yard with a view. He hopes to get a dog and tells the budgies that they will be the “perfect snack”. Yikes!

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