Budgies on TV

Project Runway All Stars

On the Prowl (Season 7, Episode 5)

The challenge is for the contestants to create animal inspired high fashion for a wild night out. The designers head to the Turtle Back Zoo, where they race to pick their muse animal. Ana Ayoung-Chee is the lucky designer who will design a budgie outfit.

Here is Anya’s design. She was not in the top (boo), nor the bottom (yay). They did not spend as much time talking about the budgie as they did some of the other animals on the show (boo), not did they spend much time featuring Anya working or talking about her design. Lame. But points to the show for selecting the budgie as one of the animal muses.

Budgies on TV


Charmed Again (Season 4, Episode 2)

Sisters Phoebe and Piper Halliwell are mourning the loss of their sister, Prue, when they discover they have a half sister, Paige. Paige learns that she, too, has magical powers. The three witches band together to fight off  demons and the source of all evil.
But who cares! It’s all about Oscar, the blue budgie. Oscar belongs to Paige and senses that Paige’s boyfriend has been possessed. Unfortunately, this does not end well for Oscar…

Budgies on TV

Switched (Season 1 on Netflix)

Outcast student Zenko switches bodies with cute and popular Ayumi. No one believes Ayumi except her friend Kaga. Will Ayumi be able to get her perfect life back?
Who cares! It’s all about Amagase, the budgie. Amagase not only makes the credits, but appears in all 6 episodes of the show.

Amagase was formerly a man who switched bodies with his parakeet after losing all his money/family.Amagase makes an appearance when various characters switch bodies.
Amagase is clearly the star of the series.

Hopefully we will see more of Amagasi if Switched is granted a second season.

Budgies on TV

Family GuyHTTPete (Season 16, Episode 18)Peter’s brewery wants to increase sales by appealing to millennials. Hammer. a professional millennial, is hired to teach the staff all things hipster. When Hammer is hit by a bus, Peter takes over as the social media director and chaos ensues.
But who cares! It’s all about the budgie who appears in the instructional film about millennials. It has 9 million followers on Snapchat!

Budgies on TV

House Hunters

Doctors’ Dilemma in New York (Season 142, Episode 2).

Surgeon Steven and Geriatrician Stephanie are looking for a new home in Westchester, New York. Steven wants a Craftsman style home with a yard big enough for their dog, Artoo. Stephanie would like a Cape Cod style home with a room just for their budgie, Miso. 

The couple makes the right decision. It’s all about Miso – whom Steven says, thinks his hair is a nest. At the end of the episode, Miso decides to fly out of his room. Typical budgie.