Budgies on TV

Project Runway All Stars

On the Prowl (Season 7, Episode 5)

The challenge is for the contestants to create animal inspired high fashion for a wild night out. The designers head to the Turtle Back Zoo, where they race to pick their muse animal. Ana Ayoung-Chee is the lucky designer who will design a budgie outfit.

Here is Anya’s design. She was not in the top (boo), nor the bottom (yay). They did not spend as much time talking about the budgie as they did some of the other animals on the show (boo), not did they spend much time featuring Anya working or talking about her design. Lame. But points to the show for selecting the budgie as one of the animal muses.

Project Runway

Last night, Project Runway began its 10th season. On the 9th season of Project Runway, one of the challenges was to design a look inspired by either a parrot, a cockatoo, an owl or a raven.

Cooper was miffed that one of the birds chosen to inspire the designers was not a budgie. So I gave Supermodel Malaria a call and got to work.

Now Cooper wants a whole budgie collection. Sigh.