Movie Review

This month’s movie is Rocky.

This movie is about a small time boxer who overcomes the odds to become a champion. But who cares?! It’s all about the budgies.

Rocky’s love interest, Adrian, is a clerk at a pet store.

In this clip, Rocky flirts with Adrian, while the budgies (“flying candy”) steal the scene.

Budgies also appear in Rocky II.

I’m sure the budgies were also the inspiration for Rocky’s theme song: Gonna Fly Now.

3 thoughts on “Movie Review

  1. Ha Ha! You are probably the only one in the whole wide world that even Noticed these budgies in “Rocky”, let alone made them the main focus of the movie! I totally appreciate that, and will never think of this film in any other way from now on…(Just as I can never see Mary Poppins without Practically Perfect Cooper on her finger!)

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