Sido’s Cuties

Meet Cliff! 

And Wilbur!

Cliff and Wilbur live in Ohio with Kelle and John and their flock of budgies.

Cliff and Wilbur are both older males, and both are rescues. Ask Cliff about how he kept the pet snake in his previous home in line.Cliff likes toys that dangle, and chewing up pieces of puzzles that his humans are working on. He also thinks that he runs the house.

Wilbur is a very recent addition to the family and is still in quarantine. He is still a bit of a mystery. but he does like millet and scritches. They like to supervise in the housework.

Both Cliff and Wilbur and their budgie friends encourage anyone hoping to add a bird to their family to consider adopting an older bird.

You can see more photos of Cliff (and eventually, Wilbur) on his facebook page, xanax abuse symptoms.

3 thoughts on “Sido’s Cuties

  1. They’re both great cuties! I don’t think I know how to tell them apart. Cheers for rescuing them; I’m sure they’re a lot of fun.

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