Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Zippy!

Zippy lives in California with Mr. Man.

Zippy is a male Budgerigar who was adopted on November 10, 2017 at the age of three months. Zippy’s owner is a semi-retired marketing professional currently involved in the creative development for several series of large painted acrylic canvases. He is interested in learning about Mister Zippy’s enhanced ultraviolet tetrachromatic color vision as a means to expand his own current palette.

We are great pets to have. My owner knew I would be messy, but he never expected me to be such a unique and precious creature. He has learned a lot about me from reading ornithology textbooks and various written accounts of bird ownership. We budgies are very different from any other pets and have unique ways of sharing our love or or showing our unhappiness, but we tend to be very happy most of the time, chirping and making all manner of sounds.

Mister Zippy has his own blog. You can follow his adventures at

3 thoughts on “Cooper’s Cuties

  1. Zippy is simply darling. And his blog is fantastic – videos and photos of Mr. Zippy, posts on his daily adventures and lots of budgie information, too!

  2. Welcome to the Corner, Zippy! So happy to hear you’re educating another human to wonderful ways of the budgie (and birds).

  3. What we have here in Zippy is one more adora-bird. His blog was very fun to look at/read. Wonderful to see Mr. Man realizing how much more than just-a-pet the formidable budgie is, and then doing his best to give Zippy The Life.

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