4 thoughts on “Cooper’s Bloopers

    • There isn’t one – Harry was joking. Actually, she is such a professional now that she doesn’t have many bloopers .

      • Now I feel embarrassed! But good for Cooper! I tried taking SO many pictures of my other parakeet Gari, but I had such a bad phone that most of the time I couldn’t catch her beauty! There was ONE and ONLY time when I got a REALLY great shot of her! The camera actually focused on her face! And I didn’t even do anything different to capture that! Now I have a shirt with Gari’s picture and my new parakeet named Bluey’s picture. It’s so adorable. One time when my friend and his dog came to my house. We were walking him in the backyard, where my dad and I buried Gari. I looked over and I saw that there was grass ONLY growing right over where she was buried! I cried when I saw it.

        • It’s difficult to get a good photo. They move around so much. I take a lot of them to get a clear shot. And I’m lucky that Cooper will pose. The others won’t.

          It’s nice that you think of Gari. I know you really loved her. Bluey is a lucky budgie to have found you.

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