5 thoughts on “Cooper’s Day Off

  1. Gari wouldn’t have been posing for the camera, she would have been DESTROYING the millet in the background! Bluey is wary of the millet and it’s holder. How do I fix this issue?

    • I’m sure her curiosity will get the better of her and she’ll check it out. Or you could try taking some of the seed bunches and putting them in with her regular seeds, so she gets the idea. Sometimes budgies need time. When we brought home Harvey he wouldn’t play with toys or eat millet for quite some time.

      • Thanks! I’ll try that! Bluey LOVES to play with the swing that my mom’s best friend got him! I also got him to put a foot on my finger earlier today! It wasn’t easy!

        • Congratulations! It takes a LOT of patience, doesn’t it? It took Harvey a year and a half to step up! But we never gave up and he finally did : ).

          • Yes it does. I will just practice that once or twice a day and eventually, (hopefully) he will sit on my finger and stay! I did get him to eat out of my hand once! (Only because I accidentally forgot to refill his food) He lets us know that he is hungry by running back and forth on the bottom of the cage! But Gari would bump up the food dish with her head. I miss her so much 🙁

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