Three Tiel Moon

Sido has been a bit moody of late. I was thinking it was because she’s moulting (again). But then I realized that it was because there wasn’t a Three Tiel Moon shirt¬†available. I didn’t want to be pooped on, so…¬†You can find it on Cooper’s store, coodew, on Redbubble. And of course, a percentage of all sales will go to Cooper’s (and Sido’s) favorite bird rescues.The design is available on other stuff, too.

I mean, really, who doesn’t need a Three Tiel Moon acrylic block?

2 thoughts on “Three Tiel Moon

    • Oh, I was only joking. She definitely poops on us. And she adores Harry. She likes to ride around on his shoulders or hang out in the crook of his elbow.

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