Rescued Budgies

A flock of 50 (or more) budgies were let go in a Texas park this week. They were found on Wednesday, and many were rescued by rescue group Bears, etc

The budgies were suspected of being released as part of a religious ceremony. This is not the first time a flock of budgies has been found at the park. The Houston police are investigating.

The birds were easy to capture as they were tired from being exposed to the cold. Unfortunately, a falcon was witnessed picking off some of the birds.

Bears etc. was able to rescue approximately 41 of the birds. 10 are with another rescue. They will be in quarantine and up for adoption at a later date.
Bears etc. is accepting donations to help with the care of the rescued flock (food, toys, vet bills).
If you are in Texas and would like to adopt a budgie, updates on these little ones will be posted on the Bears, etc. facebook page.

Story here.

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