Turkey Time

Cooper has a shop on Redbubble. She donates a percentage of her sales to her favorite bird rescues. Her latest donation is to Farm Sanctuary. She decided this year to adopt a turkey. 

Sandy “The Sweetheart”

Sandy came to Farm Sanctuary from an evacuation site during the devastating 2016 Sand Fire in California. While the young turkey’s guardian had saved her the year before from Thanksgiving slaughter, Sandy still needed help. She had a painful foot infection, along with feather loss and wounds from the males in her enclosure. To give Sandy the best chance at a healthy life, the guardian relinquished her to Farm Sanctuary. Once in our care, Sandy made a full recovery and is now a bright, affectionate member of her flock.

You can read more about Farm Sanctuary here.
Cooper recommends skipping the turkey this Thanksgiving. It’s all about the sides anyway.

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