Lucky little budgies

The budgies got a package from their friend john. Inside were toys and treats!

An überpiñata! It takes Dewey a little time to warm up to (aka: not be scared of) a new toy , so only Cooper is pictured.

A disco ball! Now the budgies can get down and shake their booties.

A whole package of millet!

Little Yettobenamed also chowed down. And today just happens to be john’s birthday, so Happy birthday john! You’re the best!

7 thoughts on “Lucky little budgies

  1. I have visions of these two rolling sparrows in alleys for spare change to buy their next hit of millet. You haven’t given him a name yet? *gasp* Maybe you need to do a poll.

    Such a fun package for them and John is supah.

  2. Thanks, john! Yes, we’ve discussed having a naming contest. He needs to have the perfect name and we haven’t thought of it yet.

  3. I’m late to the party as usual. YAY! I’m glad they all liked the toys and millet. And you know I had to send a disco ball! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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