A new home for Spencer!

When Gordie passed away we received a lovely comment from Kelle. She wrote that she would be adopting an older budgie from a local rescue in Gordie’s honor. And she did! Meet Spencer (on the right, with Faust). spencerSpencer moved into his new home around Thanksgiving. He is now all settled and adjusted with budgie siblings Faust, Hulk (below, left), Stephanie (below right) and humans Kelle and John.unnamedHere are the budgies enjoying their Valentine’s Day feast.flockHow absolutely wonderful that Spencer has found a new family. Thanks to Kelle and John he now has his happily ever after. And what a wonderful tribute to Gordie, as well. Hopefully, Spencer and Gordie will inspire another budgie adoption in the future!

Thank you Kelle, John (and Spencer!) for sharing your story! XOX

Lucky little budgies

The budgies got a package from their friend john. Inside were toys and treats!

An überpiñata! It takes Dewey a little time to warm up to (aka: not be scared of) a new toy , so only Cooper is pictured.

A disco ball! Now the budgies can get down and shake their booties.

A whole package of millet!

Little Yettobenamed also chowed down. And today just happens to be john’s birthday, so Happy birthday john! You’re the best!