6 thoughts on “Shello!

    • Hello!
      Cooper is female. We thought she was male when we brought her home and the first few months in this blog I called her “him.” We got lots of comments that he was a she. And it turns out they were right. Light blue ceres with white around the nares can indicate female.
      She finally proved it, though, by laying an egg in 2016.

      • Cooper’s an interesting case imo, I’ve never come across a female budgie that had such a blue cere like Cooper’s – especially in adulthood. All my female budgies have caramel or beige coloured ceres. Is that why you named her Cooper? Because you thought she was a male?

        • I don’t think it’s too uncommon. At least from what I’ve seen on budgie forums or advice groups.
          Yes, she was named Cooper after Anderson Cooper’s blue eyes : ).

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