The Draw Cooper Contest Entries…

This year we received amazing entries from artists of all ages for the Draw Cooper Contest.
The judges will deliberate (I am glad I am not one!) and the winners will be announced on May 1st.
Cooper hopes you enjoy all these wonderful works of art as much as she does.

Addie Steile

Amaya Strutz

Anja Koch @mk_shigaraki

Anna Voříšková

Assia Touzene @tou.aat

Ava E

Beverly Taylor
(using the artistic principle of closure)

Britt Lee

Budgietiel @b1rdify

coolcats @__tsukasa23

Kubra Yasar – CooperUnder Pandora Night

Gabbie Reyes

Gene Lai @fufu.831

Hadyn Warman

Isabelle Brinan

ishchi sarttt

Jasvy Rattan

Jolanda van der Kruijs @jolanda_vd_k


Katharina Nuß


Luan Alves

Mariangel Mayorga @Maryoshi143

Mimi Koch @silent_maunz

Onoja Paul @mpo.s_art

Skylar Skittles

Steely @parakeet_radio

Stella V @cindiandtheflock

sys wyd

Trevor Stroud @gleepton


Vicky Rattan @janvy.r

The Thirteen and Under category:

Akhil, 7

Arsh, 10

Azra, 10


Kanade, 9

Sophia, 7

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