Remembering Sunny

Today would have been Sunny’s hatchday. We lost our little Sunny last August after a months long battle with AGY (she was under the care of our avian vet – had several visits). We bonded even more while she was ill. It was heartbreaking when she finally succumbed after fighting so hard.

Sunny had a sweet, gentle, playful nature. But she also had a “naughty” side. She liked to tip over her food dish, nibble on books or investigate off limit areas. She was a good little girlfriend to Dewey and companion to our girls.
She was a water baby, and absolutely loved baths and spritzes. After bath time, she would be drenched.
A favorite game was to drop toys off the top of the cage for me to catch. She was often beak deep in balsa, and when she could no longer fly (due to arthritis) Sunny enjoyed her playtime on the floor with her footies. When she was ready to go back to her cage, she would hop on our feet to let us know.

Sunny was such a constant – we had her for 9 “Sunny” years. It’s not the same without her. We are lucky we had her in our lives, and for all the wonderful memories we have of our time with her.
*If you are looking to add a bird to your family, please consider adopting a rehomed or rescue bird.

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