Remembering Riley

I like to remember our “rainbow budgies” on their hatchdays.
Today would have been Riley’s.

We found Riley on the website of the San Diego Humane Society. She had been found outdoors and brought to the shelter by a good Samaritan. She was in a horrible state. She had a severe mite infestation, with an overgrown beak. She had growths on her face and toes and was missing some toes. We think she was only able to see out of one eye.
The vets at the shelter treated her, and when she was in better health and ready to be adopted out, we brought her home.
We named her Riley in the hopes that she would be “living the life of Riley” with us. Her nickname was “Smiley Riley” as her beak disfigurement gave her the appearance of smiling.

Riley’s health improved and after quarantine, she became part of the flock. She loved being with the other budgies, eating veggies, flying about and taking baths. She was very attached to Emmy and followed her like a little shadow.
Every two to three weeks we would take her to the vet for beak trims and any follow up care she needed.

Sadly, after only 15 months with us, she began to decline. Her labs showed kidney problems and possible cancer (she had a recurring growth on her face).

I wish we had had more time with us, she became such a happy, playful little budgie. We treasured every moment with her.

As always, if you are thinking of adding a bird to your family, please consider adopting and giving a little bird a happily ever after.

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