Day 2

lhLittle Lemon head (that’s what we’re calling her until we pick a name) is settling in. She’s been chirping, checking out her toys and eating her seed (she didn’t touch her lettuce). She’s still wary, though, and flaps around the cage when I put my hand in. Guess it’s time to break out the millet!

7 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Oh, she’s so lovely, I’m so glad she’s settling in!

    For some reason I think she looks like she should be named some flower name… not sure why.

    How did you get her? Do you know how old she is?

    Is that Dewey’s quarantine cage?

    • I was thinking of some flower names. Buttercup, or Jonquil or something. She looks like someone drew on her face with a bright yellow highlighter!

      I saw an add on Craiglist – someone was selling her. They said she was about a year and a half. But who knows… She doesn’t have a leg band. They also said she was a little tame, but she isn’t at all.

      It’s the traveling cage. Ozzie is still in the quarantine cage. I’m hoping to get him in the big cage with Cooper and Dewey soon so we can move her out of the traveling cage (it’s a bit wee).

  2. We adopted our last two from craig’s list also. They looked really bad when I brought them home, but now they are so beautiful, happy, and LOUD. (the most beautiful sound in the world) I would send a picture but can’t figure out how to attach it.

    • This blog doesn’t support photos in comments, unless they’re self hosting, but feel free to email the photo to Michelle or any of the birds in the contact list.

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