14 thoughts on “Even more stickers!

    • Ooh – good idea! I’ve been wanting to make budgie wine charms, but can never find budgie charms (boo!). Did you laminate them?

      • She has some listed (the package looks like it’s a camera) that are plastic and you do not need to laminate those. The others like in the big pack you got, I should have laminated them but I didn’t. You can just take the charm off when you wash the glass but I probably should laminate them. I had the glasses painted with a different colored parakeet on each glass then I matched the wine charm to the color of parakeet and added a tiny rhinestone just to look festive. Sooo now you know I am a freak. But it’s fun!!!

  1. Nope. Still didn’t go through. I checked the spam, and it wasn’t there either. Harry did a test, and the email works – maybe the photos are too large?

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