4 thoughts on “Weigh in

  1. FYI: This scale is only accurate to within 5 grams and I’m not entirely sure if it rounds up or down for increments between that. After all, it’s a cheapie postage scale.

  2. well, at least you’d be able to tell if their weight goes up or down drastically. i have a somewhat expensive one and i’m not sure how accurate it is. Did the budgies get on the scale voluntarily? i have to “bribe” MIss Kauai to get on the scale by holding millet.

    • I just plopped them on there. Once Cooper showed them that the scale wasn’t going to eat them, Dewey and Ozzie got on.

      • lol “plopped”. For some reason I think that’s funny 🙂

        I’ve been weighing my budgie Allen every couple days for over a year now, keeping track of the weights and date. He just jumps right on the scale, he’s so used to it haha. Anyway, he weighs around 32 or 33 grams usually. First time I weighed him, he was more like 28 😛

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