About three weeks ago, Dewey showed off a new look:

db1The balding actually got worse than that – but soon his pinnies started to grow in.

d2d3Lost a throat spot.

d4Dewey doing his porcupine impression.


d6d7Looking much better.

pin backFrom the back.

deweynowDewey looking handsome with his brand new feathers.

7 thoughts on “Pinnies!

  1. Hmmm, Dewey and Allen seem to be on a similar molting schedule. Allen actually didn’t get quite as many pins, but he did get a lot. But now his feathers have grown back and he’s looking so pretty and handsome!

    • I was amazed at Dewey’s pins. His previous moults were pretty mild compared to this.

      They do look so sleek and handsome with their new feathers, don’t they : ).

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of pinnies. Miss Kauai may be starting to molt again because there are a lot of feathers on the floor. Does the top of the head, on any of your birds, get this “dirty” blackish color? It goes away after a while. I’m not sure if that is typical or if the top of her head gets blackish b\c she likes to play and hide under newspaper.

    • No – no blackish color. I bet it’s from the newspaper. Cooper’s head had a reddish color once, but it was from the red coloring of one of her toys. Hope Miss Kauai has a quick moult!

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