doneWell, the new perch I put in yesterday did not last long. Last night I heard a big clunk and this is what I found when I came in to see what happened. The rest of the perch was on the bottom of the cage. Cooper was looking very pleased with herself.

done2That’s two perches in two days! And it’s not like Cooper and Sunny don’t have several wooden toys to chew on. No more dowel perches for these budgies.

10 thoughts on “Destructobudgies

  1. What will you put in instead of dowels? Natural-wood perches?

    Maybe the chewing is just a phase and they’ll get over it.

    • The budgies have 2 rope perches and 5 natural branch perches. I ‘m going to try to find some long branch perches to take place of the two dowel perches.

      I’m hoping it’s a phase (maybe related to being in breeding condition?). Cooper never chewed on the perches until she saw Sunny doing it, so who knows. Budgies be crazy.

      • Allen really likes his natural-wood perches, so I rarely use dowels any more. One thing I do to take the place of dowels, I cut a twig off a tree the right length & diameter, cut notches in either end and put it in the cage. It’s just important if you do this to wash the branches or bake them in the oven at 250 F for about an hour (this kills any germs or bugs).

        You can also make your own screw-on natural-branch perches. This explains how:

        Another important thing is to make sure the wood you’re using is safe. Here’s a list of safe woods for birds, accompanied by a list of unsafe woods:


        • Thanks for the info! We have lots of Eucalyptus trees out here, but I worry that maybe they’ve been sprayed once upon a time. But I’m definitely going to be doing all natural branches.

          Thanks for the info!

  2. Ellie is destructive also; I bought a kabob in the rabbit/guinea pig section of the pet store.
    I fill it with carrots, greens, and sweet potatoes and that keeps her busy and hopefully healthy at the same time. I hang in the middle of the cage but it is still messy.

  3. Miss Kauai does it too! But she’s never chewed all the way through the perch. But they are so cute, you can’t get mad.

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