A Feathery Fairy Tale

titleOneOnce upon a time there was a beautiful little princess who was admired far and wide.two

The tiny princess was adored by her faithful humans, who pampered her and fed her only the choicest seeds and finest millet. But her humans knew that if their beloved little princess was to live a long and healthy life she needed to eat more than just seeds. One day they decided to introduce organic fruits and vegetables into the royal diet.threeThey presented the petite princess with a plump green pea. But Her Royal Highness was not pleased.4aNext, the humans tried to tempt her with a crisp, juicy red apple. But the princess would have none of it.5aHer devoted humans would not be deterred, however. They cajoled her with a crunchy carrot. But the wee princess did not seem interested in the least.sixNext up was a golden ear of sweet corn.

“Sweets for the sweet!”, the humans cried. But the stubborn little princess would not be swayed.

sevenSucculent blueberries fit for a queen were next on the menu. But the royal budgie refused even a taste.eightNext, a beautiful yellow banana picked at the height of ripeness was peeled and offered to the parakeet princess. Alas, it remained untouched.nine Finally, a verdant floret of broccoli was set before the princess.

“Try this, Your Highness! It will make your eyes bright and your plumage glossy!”

xanax negative effectsWhether she found the broccoli intriguing, or the persistence of her humans tiresome, the persnickety princess finally deigned to give the veggie a nibble.tramadol side effectAnd wonder of wonders, she liked it! The loyal humans knew that with patience and perseverance their precious princess would feast upon a variety of veggies and fruits. There followed a great rejoicing throughout the realm and the little princess and her loyal humans lived happily and healthily ever after.phentermine capsule

17 thoughts on “A Feathery Fairy Tale

  1. Ha! That was brilliant. I’m a bit disappointed her first choice was broccoli, but perhaps those little seedy things reminded her of seeds and seemed appealing. That’s why I don’t care for broccoli. Seedy texture.

    • Hmmm. Maybe you’re a persnickety princess, too : ).

      Cooper’s first vegetable was really lettuce. And I’ve caught her nibbling on a bit of granny smith apple, too.

  2. Michelle – This is Totally Brillant! So clever, funny, and well written! Please PLEASE post this on Talk Budgies – it will definitely make Everybudgie’s day, as it has done mine. Absolute Perfection, Girl!

  3. Wonderful story! Cooper is a beautiful princess and deserves only the best.
    I’m so glad you are working hard to help her stay healthy and happy so she will enjoy a long reign over her realm.

    • Thanks – she really is finicky. I’m hoping she’ll learn from Ozzie and Sunny (who are more adventurous eaters).

  4. This is too cute. i love th photo of Cooper looking at the pea. I think you should submit to the Ellen show. She features dogs and cats but I’ve never seen a bird. I think she’d really like it–seriously! Miss Kauai is picky too. She does like corn, however.

  5. Yay! Other than seeds, my two budgies will only eat broccoli, but one will also eat fresh basil. Have you tried basil?
    They are also very scared of strawberries. : D

    • Hmm…I’ll have to try basil. I bet Ozzie will love it!
      I’ve tried blueberries, strawberries and blackberries – they were all ignored. I’ll keep trying, though.

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