New Toy – June

ntjuneIt’s the Side Winder from Jungle Toys. It’s got these big pieces of yucca and wooden blocks. The budgies go through chew toys quickly, but I’m thinking this one will last for more than a week.

nt1Sunny and Cooper love it!

nt3I hope all the chewing takes Cooper’s mind off of her moulting/pin feathers.

nt2Even Ozzie is getting in on the action. Not Dewey, though. He prefers to nibble on Sunny.

3 thoughts on “New Toy – June

  1. Allen would be horrified to know that some budgies LIKE chewing wood… He really doesn’t like wood. I bought him a couple toys before I brought him home, but they were both wood toys. It took me a little while to realize why he wasn’t playing with them 😛 At that point, I thought all budgies liked chewing wood 😛 Anyway, he does like paper and paper-like stuff on toys…

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