8 thoughts on “Alfie is moulting

  1. Am I the only one with a sort of pin-feather “fetish?” By “fetish,” I mean that I’m fascinated by them–By the way they look clustered together en masse, or by the thrill of accidentally catching a glimpse of one single pinnie meekly hiding beneath the neck or back feathers. (Well ok, “thrill” is an overstatement–I’m not as nutty as I may seem sounding off about the glory of pins… 😉 I love seeing them develop, eventually “sprouting.” I love watching a Budgie happily preen himself after a good, warm shower, when his preening efforts are so successful from his pins having been softened from the shower & steam. And I love the joyful millet feast that a Budgie endulges in with a special robust satisfaction right after preening himself after the nice warm shower. That’s when they’re feeling great because of the bonding shower-time they just enjoyed with their special person, and because they feel physically cleaner, lighter, and better preened. Does Alfie let his “mom” or “dad” preen him? I suspect he does not, because he’s got fellow budgies to allopreen. Oh Alfie, you DO wear those pins well–like a human who empasizes their most unusual facial feature rather than try to hide it. Now THAT’S good fashion sense, my dear Alfie. You know how to “work it!” But boy would I personally love to gingerly assist you with those mature feather sheaths…! You handsome thang!

    • Michelle assisted one of the larger parrots at the local bird shelter with his/her pinnies last weekend. If you like pinnies and have a local shelter, you should check it out.

    • None of the budgies want me to help them with their pinnies (which I love to do). Cooper used to, but now her budgie friends help her out.

      Alfie still isn’t with the flock quite yet. He had a bout of illness, so he’s still on his own. It gives me more time to tame him, though, so that’s a plus : ).

      Oh my gosh, macaw pin feathers are like porcupine quills. So much fun to take off!

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