Budgie Fashion – Necklaces!

handsomepretty                                                        HandsomePretty

aliciascreations                                                          Alicia’s Creations

nancysbirdjewelry                                                        Nancy’s Bird Jewelry

veryberyl                                   Very Beryl (also comes in green, red and purple)

popcutie                                                                   Pop Cutie

asos                                      Asos (This is Sunny’s favorite of the bunch)

karenwalker                       Robot Budgie – Karen Walker (also comes in sterling silver)

randylong                                                               Randy Long

miniblings                                                             Miniblings

https://cooperscorner.info/?page_id=253                                                                Magic Jelly

phentermine dosage instructionsSterling silver parakeet skull necklace – Emilie Morris. Creepy, but perfect for Halloween.

Which is your favorite?

5 thoughts on “Budgie Fashion – Necklaces!

  1. 3. Magic Jelly – Very nice artwork, I like the modern look.
    2. Very Beryl – Cooper’s colors and a cool design.
    1. Robot-Budgie – Budgie. Good. Robot. Good. Robot-Budgie. Awesome!

  2. I like Magic jelly and Pop cutie the best. Alicia’s creations is cute except the eye is rather odd looking. I don’t care for the skull.

  3. I like them all but as a “former goth chick,” I have an infinity for the sterling skull (but only if it’s an accurate representation). Morbid, perhaps–On the other hand, Budgie anatomy is amazing and something I’d respect, as a representation of its beauty.

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