e1The good news – Emmy’s quarantine is almost up!

n1 (1)The bad news – Emmy is not ready to join the rest of the flock quite yet.

n1 (2)This little darling is one skittish budgie. I don’t know what her previous owners were doing with her (grabbing her? banging on her cage?), but she is very easily spooked and flaps around the cage if we get too near. It’s going to take some time to tame her, but I’m confident we’ll win her over. Patience pays off!

*Thanks to everyone for the name suggestions!

10 thoughts on “Emmy!

    • Yes! The same with Sunny – she will only step up under certain conditions. She was a nervous mess at the beginning, too. It took her a looong time to relax around us. Our rehomed/rescue budgies definitely arrived with issues. Poor things. I’m always wondering what went on in their previous homes to make them that way.

    • I agree! I’ve been holding some in her cage. I can tell she wants it, but hasn’t mustered up the courage yet to go for it. Soon, I hope!

  1. She is an adorable little thing isn’t she? I’m sure she will be fine and when she does, she will have a great time with the others.

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