Our beautiful Dewey

dLast night our darling Dewey passed away. We had taken him to the vet on Saturday when we noticed he was listless, fluffed up and vomiting. The vet did a culture and gave him an antibiotic. He also gave us some anti-nausea medicine to administer to him at home.

We kept him warm and in a separate room. Over the course of the next day, he never really improved. He died while I was holding him.

Dewey was the sweetest (he never once bit anyone), friendliest little budgie. He was our little “Mr. Handsome”. He doted on Sunny, and was by her side constantly. We’re just heartbroken and can’t believe he’s gone. I like to think that he’s somewhere warm, flying in a big blue sky above golden millet fields.

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  1. Oh NO
    I am stunned and devastated at this terrible news – tears are welling up and over
    I have grown absurdly attached to your budgie family, since you have shared so many pictures and stories – I just love them, and you, and my heart goes out to you in your great loss of the totally adorable little Dewey
    Please accept my deepest sympathy – I am so very sorry

  2. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about Dewey. He couldn’t have had a happier life or been more loved while he shared time with you, Harry, and the ever-growing flock.

    When our budgies left us (after 9 and almost 14 years), I imagined each one popping into new existence on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, in a healthy body, flying joyously on strong wings, with blue sky above and green trees, flowers, and (of course) millet stretching out below. But we still missed them. We’ll be thinking of you.

  3. I am so sorry. I saw the picture and immediately feared what I found out. I’m glad that Sunny has the rest of the flock to help her with her loss. While I am so sorry you had to experience his passing, I am glad that he passed in the best of possible hands.

  4. Thank you so much for the kind words, everyone. We’re still in shock – we just can’t believe he’s gone. He was so active and robust two days ago. We took Dewey to the vet today for a necropsy. Hopefully they can determine what went wrong.

    The other budgies have been subdued. They know something is going on. I think I need to go to the store and stock up on tissues. It seems like the tears won’t stop – but your kind comments are a balm and are very much appreciated.

  5. Oh no, I’m so sorry to read about Dewey. He was my favorite; I think I mentioned that he looked like my mom’s budgie Pong (same color). I know it’s real hard, but I like to think they are better off with us rather than someone who doesn’t really care about them

  6. I don’t even really know what to say. I love you and I know that Dewey’s spirit will live on in you. I’m sorry that he is gone and for your pain. Transcontinental hug

  7. There’s nothing I can say to make this better, so I’ll just say I’m sure Dewey loved you guys as much as you loved him, and he lived a great, albeit short, life with you guys. Remember the good times.


  8. Michelle – I am so sorry about Dewey. He was a bundle of puffy love and I’m sure he feels better now over the rainbow bridge. He was such a cutie. Hugs 🙁

  9. You must feel shell-shocked; losing someone unexpectedly and for unknown causes tends to do that to people. I’m so very sorry and will be thinking of you and your entire flock.

    You’re probably additionally stressed now feeling the need to closely moniter the others for any subtle signs of developing symptoms–How scary!

    I’ve had two Budgies: One (“Sunny”) died after a two-day illness even though, like Dewey, he was strong, fit and seemed normal. I then spent weeks reading about Budgie illness, causes, signs & symptoms. I guess it was ultimately therapeutic on some level bc I couldn’t rest for my lack of understanding and lack of much sought-after closure.

    I did the same again a couple years later upon my second bird’s death (“GiGi”). I had intended to bring her remains to Cornell (two hours away–but the only Avian vet around), but that never happened for several readon presently irrelevant. But I’d been unable to accept the sudden death and couldn’t let go of the mind-numbing feeling driving me to continuously try figuring out what had happened! (Do you know what I mean? Can you relate?)

    I never did obtain the post-mortem exam (but do wish that I had). I had independently based on extensive research narrowed it down to: a) Possible ingestion of recalled KayTee Budgie foods (recall wasn’t announced until months after the tainted seed was sold–and bought–by me!!!), or; b)?Damage and/or partial crop blockage caused by either some household bacteria somewhere in the house–And maybe it lead to inability to process (digest) seed; or c) crop or intestinal irritation or blockage resulting from having nibbled the sand particles from a brand new sand-coated perch; or d) kidney damage and failure caused from mouthing the invisible dried residue of her very new, first-time-bought bird-cage cleaning wipes (which did contain spermicide–but I consequently learned that many household products likewise contain spermicide (!!) and that it’s supposedly totally non-toxic (which obviously isn’t totally true since it does kill sperm…!!!). Something at any rate caused him to defecate WHOLE seeds as if he couldn’t break down/digest/absorb food.

    My second angel (GiGi) had kidney-related symptoms (watery urates) caused by any number of undiagnosed toxins or disease processes.

    So nless I’m way off-base or merely “projecting,” then I suspect it’s driving you mad, the not knowing and the horrible shock of it all.

    If it’s not uncomfortable for you (and I understand if you’d rather not or if you’re too busy) I’d sure be grateful to hear from you on the post-mortem exam and its findings. (E.G., Who performed it? And what did they visually examine? What specimens did they lab-test?).

    I don’t wish to invade your privacy but I’m genuinely very interested just because I too went through such sudden losses and I regret forgoing a post-mortem. If you ARE so inclined to discuss this (if even just briefly) it might be therapeutic to you and maybe me too. Regardless, the info may help educate others.

    Please know that I’ll think of your gorgeous, strong, sweet, sassy, sexy Dewey throughout my days. Ya know, I just luved his strong, chubby, BLUE feet so my much! I wonder if that helped attract Sunny to him–his meaty blue feet maybe seemed exotic to her, since her dainty toes were PINK… LOL. But Dewey had “sweet feet”–Blue, chubby, strong, and cute as hell.

    Finally, as others have pointed out, there’s no doubt that he was blessed with the very best, caring, giving family, just as you were blessed with such a totally kick-ass amazing fella.

    Best wishes to your family and flock.

    Bnai Silverbush
    Email: Silverb13@gmail.com

    • Oh, I’m sorry to hear about Sunny and GiGi. I can understand your pain. I was definitely investigating Dewey’s symptoms on the internet, looking for answers and advice.

      I’ll post later with what we find out, and send you an email with further info.

      Thank you for the kind words about Dewey – we appreciate them. It’s nice to know that others found him as wonderful as we did.

      • Michelle, I see that I actually was confused about “Dewey Day,” and that in fact I HAD already learned of and commented on his passing. Maybe it’s because I’ve only ever had a yellow Budgie but for some reason I’m airheaded in distinguishing the names of your blue beauties. Consequently I mistakenly thought you lost another bird recently, after Dewey’s passing. Not much of a relief for you, but I feel some bit of relief now realizing you did not lose anyone else! But please forgive my faux pas as I regret my failure to express the true sense of empathy I feel for your flock and the rest of your family. Funny though that it’s Dewey’s name I thought of when writing about Cooper’s President’s Day cash (specifically stating that Cooper needed Dewey to distract you while he orders some millet online… Under your President’s Day postings). Perhaps “a little birdie” confided in me (as I slept..?) that Dewey is in fact paying extra special close watch over you and the flock as you all sweetly celebrate the time he spent with you. Well, I’m very far from being into an kind of hippie/new age/psycho-spiritual type of stuff–And yet none the less, I would be very surprised if Dewey were NOT smiling down now, as he watches you honor his life and his spirit. Some how, in some way, I seriously believe he’s doing just that, even though it’s above the realm of earthly logic!

        • Please don’t worry about it. We do have a lot of blue budgies in the house : ).
          Thanks for the lovely sentiment – it’s nice to read such wonderful things about our Deweybluey.

  10. Rest in Peace Little Dewey
    My budgie, Lucky, died on December 14 2013
    he died in my hands too.
    Dewey is in a better place now. I’m so sorry
    RIP Dewey

    • Oh, no. I’m so, so sorry about your little Lucky. I feel your sorrow. I’m glad you were able to be with him at the end. I hope that in another world Dewey and Lucky are the best of budgie friends.

  11. I haven’t been on your blog for several days and I just saw this. I am so so very sorry 🙁 Dewey was one of the cutest budgies I’ve ever seen and I absolutely adore his bright turquoise color. I can’t say anything more than has already been said, so I’ll just say I am so sorry and I hope sweet Dewey is in a happy, millety place now.

    RIP Dewey.

  12. Oh I am so sorry. I have been so busy at work that I just looked @ Cooper’s Corner today. My heart breaks for you. But I do know you gave Dewey a wonderful loving home.

  13. So sorry for the passing of your sweet little Dewey. I have two little fellows myself and it astounds me how much one can love the little fluff balls.

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