14 thoughts on “Pudgy Budgie

      • I think that’s fine. Our Ozzie and Lera are bitty things. I’ve read that a good range is between 30 and 40.

        I think Cooper will be able to lose the weight easily. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to restrict her diet. She flies around a lot during the day – so that will help.

        • Yes i know Allen is fine… he’s healthy and flies around a lot. He’s got plenty of energy. He’s actually around 32-33 grams, and thats 5 grams heavier than when I first got him.

  1. I have a pudgy budgy that I just adopted…poor thing was so frightened at first and didn’t eat for a week – what a difference that made. Good luck with Cooper!

    • Congrats on your new budgie! What’s its name? You should send in a photo(s)!

      Yep, we have to keep our eye on Cooper’s intake. The other budgies are fine weight-wise. She must spend a lot of time hanging out at the food dish!

  2. My vet says Miss Kauai weighs too much too (38-39g). He showed me Miss Kauai’s fat at her annual exam. Yesterday, he had to take blood from her jugular vein (ugh–I cringed ) and commented again about her fat around the vein. It’s surprising that she is overweight because she’s constantly moving, but she does hang out at her food dish a lot.

    • Aw, poor thing. The budgies look sooo tiny when a vet is holding them. At home, they’re larger than life!

      I’m glad our cage has a divider. It helps with putting the food in and out/having Cooper separate to eat her rations. She can have all the pellets she wants (which is none) in one dish. We give her her allotment of seed in another little cup. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to go about things, since I don’t want her isolated from her little friends.

      • Miss Kauai eats only pellets except for either Sat or Sun when she gets weighed and I give her millet to bribe her to hop on the scale. I think she takes after me, I go to the gym all the time and I don’t lose any weight 🙂

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