9 thoughts on “Darling Dewey

  1. Dewey was such a darling. Thanks for the reminder to cherish what we love while we still have it – Always so good to keep in mind…

  2. Thanks – he was a wonderful little fellow. I wish we could have had more time with him, but I’m happy that he was a part of our lives.

  3. Dewey, you were so truly gorgeous and cute and brave. Your family loved you so, that your mom even used to imagine what you might’ve been dreaming of when you napped. You colors were soooo pretty that your folks even gave you a home with a turqouise/sky blue/robin’s egg colored tray (it did match your heavenly colors but not quite as pretty… 🙂 I still remember you as the Fruit Ninja–watching you devour a chunk of cheese. (You had more-than-average cute little polka dots on the right side of your throat, and if I’m correct, only one larger polka dot (throat spot) beneath the little ones (I suspect you had moulted the other one which your mom likely found and kept.) You had juicy pinnies sometimes that I wouldv’e loved to preen for you! The way you ate your oat groats–with the gusto–was like watching a fat kid eating cake. Meaning, with pure abandon. Not meaning that you were fat (you were perfectly sculpted!). And you always looked like you had sunshine in your eyes. I so enjoyed your pics and videos that it took me a while to remember that you had “flown away,” and there’d be no more pics. I still love the pics and stories of you, and I hope you are flying in heaven with others who love you as much as your family did. Say “hi” to my GiGi if you meet her wherever you are… xo

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