Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Bert and Ernie!beBert and Ernie live in Minnesota with Karon.be9At the window, their favorite spot to sit and these cute little faces greet me everyday when I get home from work. be7Ernie sitting by the door in the morning, he is always the first one out of the cage.Wedding PhotographyBert by the bells-his favorite napping spot. be2Preening on the top of the cage after our Sunday bath, just to make sure the feathers go everywhere!  Wedding PhotographyErnie chewing the shoelace on the cage, for a boy he loves to chew on things! be6These two would be lost without each other! They make me laugh everyday and for as messy as they are, they give us 10 times the joy.be3be4

8 thoughts on “Cooper’s Cuties

  1. Thank you for this Michelle!! Love this, my boys look so pretty, can’t wait to go home and see those to cute faces waiting for me!

  2. Adorable! You wrote that “for a boy” one of them sure loves chew toys…. are girls more likely to be little woodchucks than boys? I had no idea but suddenly it makes more sense that my male budgie avoids his shredder toy….

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