Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Robin!r2Robin lives in Virginia with Alexa.r1 Robin was an escapee who was rescued by a new family in a city park.  He was scared and tired when he first came home, trying to hide in a cardboard box for the car ride. Here he is exploring the car when we first found him – gotta have the first day picture!r3 He’s a playful chatterbox. He hasn’t learned any words, but he does love to sing and play. He’s gotten a bit more comfortable with my hand in the cage. He won’t step up yet, but he does let me slowly move my finger toward him and pet his tail or his belly 🙂 He also doesn’t mind me touching his feet, so stepping up may be just around the corner. r4Since he won’t come out of the cage yet, I move his home around so he can sit with me in different areas while I’m working in different areas of the house. Hence he is on a chair in this picture.

His favorite tricks are chasing his tail and doing somersaults around his perch.f1He now has two little birdie friends, Nymeria and Arya the finches. They don’t usually live in the same room, but sometimes they see each other and have chirping conversations  : ).r5He loves going outside when the weather is nice! He chirps away and watches the outdoor birds.

He also loves a good preening session, and his grapevine perch!

6 thoughts on “Cooper’s Cuties

  1. Robin is a darling. I bet he’ll be stepping up soon (if he’s not already). He looks so healthy and happy in his new home : ).

    • I know he’ll get there. Patience wins every time. It took FOREVER to get Emmy to step up (months!), but she did. Millet always helps : ).

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