New Toy – September

matIt’s the Mini Activity Wall from Super Bird Creations! I like that I can hook on whatever toys I want. I have a lot of leftover parts from old toys that I can clip on it. sHere’s a pic of Sunny not playing with it.aoAnd one of Alfie and Ozzie, who won’t go near it.cCooper gives her review.

I’m hoping the budgies will work up their courage enough to investigate. Maybe hooking on some marshmallows (birdie kabobs) or millet will entice them. Sigh.

16 thoughts on “New Toy – September

  1. BWAHAHAHA!!! I saw it and thought, “Man that’s awesome! They’re gonna LOVE that thing!” And then saw the other pics and literally laughed out loud in my office. 🙂


  2. When I removed it from the cage last night, Alfie was startled, let out a shriek and flew to the other side of the cage. This alarmed the other birds and they also flew to the side of the cage. Great.

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