budgie1This is a photo of my first Budgie, “Budgie” (such an original name) and neighborhood friend. The quality of the photo is horrible as 1. I took the photo and 2. I was nine when I took the photo (a million years ago).

Budgie was the most wonderful companion. He kept me company when I listened to records or read (he would “turn” the pages). He would fly to my finger and I swear he was potty trained (would fly to his cage to poop). He was a little blue love and I adored him.

How old were you when you brought home your first budgie?

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  1. I was 13 years old (im 35 now), I received one for my birthday…. I named her Rikki and she was such a great companion 🙂 She rocked out to my punk rock music I loved at the time , she’d sit on her cage and bob her head when I played the songs…. I also swore she was potty trained. When I came over to her and made a “farting noise” with my lips, she would poop 🙂 She lived until she was 14 years old then died of a tumor after I took her to the vets for a full year getting her meds and treatments 🙁

  2. I was 6 yrs old. My mother took me to Woolworths after I begged and begged for a parakeet. My grandmother had one and I thought it was the most wonderful thing in the world. I named her (although I now think it was a male) Tinker bell.

    • Budgie was from Woolworths, too :). I’m not really sure if he was a he. Can’t really see the cere in the picture. Back in the day, a blue cere meant male and a brown cere meant female. That’s why I originally thought Cooper was a boy.

      Was Tinkerbell green?

  3. I was like 5 when I saw and had a budgie as a pet it was green it was my brother’s it died when I was like 8 so it lived 3 years with us . We got it at a ( so called ) flea market my brother thought it was a little older than 1 or 2 years old .

  4. My first blue budgie was named “Budgie” too! She was with me about 4 yrs and died of a respiratory infection and poor vet advice. There wasn’t much for bird vets back in the “old days.” I will have to look and see if I can find any photos of her, I am sure they are not stellar examples of photography either as that was before I knew I would become a professional photographer.

    • Aw – that’s too bad. Sadly, there’s not a lot they can do for budgies even today. They’re so tiny and overlooked. I hope you can find a photo. I could do a post on everyone’s first budgie : ).

  5. Mid-70’s, like ’76, ’77 we got a bright blue male, that I, in a fit of originality, named Blueboy! He was great. Spoke a ton of words and flew to our fingers on command.

    In 84, while I was on a month trip through Europe. Blueboy died. Mom and dad ran out and bought one as close to him as they could find. When I returned, it became pretty clear it wasn’t Blueboy. He didn’t talk. So after mom and dad told me, we named him Joe. mainly cause mom wanted to teach him to say, “Hello, Joe!” Which is the only words he ever learned.


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