11 thoughts on “Uh oh.

    • And THEN – what happens with mine – the Budgie Boys Watch the Bad Budgie Girls at work, think it looks like Great fun, and decide to join in! (They would Never have even Considered such an activity on their own!…)

      • It’s the same over here. The boys are perfectly content to talk to shiny things, until they see the girls being naughty. Little scamps!

        Our rope perches lasted a long time until Sunny decided to start chewing them up. Now they all do it. We bought some new ones and they were a mess in a couple days. No more rope perches for this flock :(.

  1. Our last two budgies escaped out an accidentally opened door after a month of planning ( I could tell they investigated doors and windows ) .

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope someone found them and gave them a good home. Both Ozzie and Alfie were found outside, so it does happen.

  2. Oh no!! Very scary!! Glad I have two just sort of naughty boys, they don’t like to be too far away from their cage and thankful there are no screens in their near vicinity!

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