Budgies in Art

Some creepy budgie art for Halloween!

Katrina van Grouw (from the book The Unfeathered Bird).theunfeatheredbird                                                                Fred Einaudifredeinaudi                                                                 Jan Fabrejanfabre

8 thoughts on “Budgies in Art

  1. The Unfeathered Bird is a great book. Fascinating look at bird anatomy and diversity, incredible drawings from actual specimens – absolutely recommended!

      • And interesting to see the beauuutiful pin feathers which some of her sketches depict! (Recall: I’m a pin feather fanatic 😉 And the largest wing feathers that are actually attached to underlying bone. Who knew!

  2. The Unfeathered Bird is a GORGEOUS book–I bought it online after having stumbled upon one of its images on the internet (specifically, the perching Budgie skeleton looking at himself in the round mirror) and it immediately became one of my very most cherished books on my shelf. Really amazing drawings both from an anatomy perspective and from a sheer artistic one. (I studied Art in college, so I value having such a substantial book filled with so many BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE drawings; and I also love Budgies and am intrigued by bird anatomy in general, and the DETAIL these sketches depict is breath-taking!). I would have easily paid many times more than this book’s asking price–I just live it. I even emailed the author/artist/naturalist (?) (Ms. Grouw)–with whom I was not acquainted in any way whatsoever–to inquire into the possibility of purchasing an original sketch and she surprised me by not just replying, but by replying quickly and with sincere humility & gratitude for my praises. She’s awesome!

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