Gordie in Action

Here are some videos of our wonderful little Gordie.

Here is the day I set my water glass on top of the cage. I turned around and saw this. Silly little budgie.

More bathing…

Gordie hopping, preening, eating millet and flying with the flock (Gordie is the one with the crooked wing).

8 thoughts on “Gordie in Action

  1. How fabulous you have these videos! They are a great record of a Super Cute little man, Gordie – The Gold Star Budgie Extraordinaire. Just Loved that little guy!

    • Thanks Ollie. I wish I had more of him, though. I thought I had one of Gordie and Lera grooming each other. I may have deleted it because it was out of focus (thinking I could get a better video later).

      He really was an “extraordinaire” – thank you : ).

  2. That vid of Gordie in the water glass is tooo too funny!!!! Can’t watch the rest right now as it’s late and my birds got all excited when they heard your birds : }

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