Introducing Harvey!

10Meet the newest member of the flock! I think we needed something positive to focus on after we lost Gordie, so we decided to adopt a new little one. Gordie definitely inspired us to provide a loving home for unwanted budgies. I wish we could take them all in…

Harry found him on Craigslist*. We’re not sure how old he is (the previous owner said they had him for 6 months and that they had purchased him from Petco). He isn’t banded and his wings are grown out, so who knows? His cage looked like it had never been cleaned (ugh), so we loaded him up in our quarantine cage and spirited him away.

Harvey is very nervous when we approach the cage and flips out when we put our hands in to change out his food and his water. Another taming challenge! He’s been calling to the other birds and I can’t wait for them to meet him. It’s nice to know another lonely bird will have a flock, and I’m glad the other budgies will soon have a new friend. Perhaps Cooper will take a shine to him…

*Harvey was the first budgie (not from a breeder) that was available on our Craigslist search. I think we are fated to have blue birds!

22 thoughts on “Introducing Harvey!

  1. Yes, his eyes always look like that. We thought Ozzie’s were like that at first, so maybe it’ll change as he gets used to us. Welcome to the flock, Harvey!

  2. That is So COOL! I already love Handsome Harvey – He does have kind of a Wild and Crazy Guy look at the moment, but I am sure he will flourish with all the love and care you have to share

  3. Congratulations on your new flock member! What an handsome fellow! <3 Although he is quite an frightened at the beginning, I'm sure all your efforts will be rewarded afterwards. And this surely proves how big-hearted you and Harry are for providing Harvey the good and loving home every little bird deserves. And just as with Gordie you don't know Harvey's age, cherish every moment you have with him. 'Cause those moments will be the best of his life!

    Yours, Irene

    • And what comes to his eyes, that white ring in his eyes is called the iris-ring and the black part in his eyes is the pupil. That iris-ring can be either white, black or reddish depending on the bird’s color mutation. Baby-budgies have always black eyes but that white ring appears when they reach adulthood. So there’s nothing wrong with his eyes. 🙂

      • Yes, we know his eyes are okay – his are just a little more buggy (nothing to do with his iris rings) than the others. At certain angles they really protrude – you can’t tell from this photo, though. He’s still in his frightened “what’s going on” phase and having a camera in his face certainly doesn’t help : p.

        Thanks – if we’ve learned anything from Gordie and Dewey, it is to cherish all our moments with these wonderful little beings <3.

  4. I saw this picture and said aloud “she’s got another one.” lol I love Harvey’s colors! I didn’t know that a “normal sky blue” (I think is what he is) could be yellowface. I’ve never seen that color combination.

    Welcome to the flock Harvey! You have the best home and flock there is! 🙂

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