If you’re in the Oklahoma area…

promo269234229In October, 120 parakeets were found packed in boxes along a highway in Oklahoma. They are now at Oklahoma City’s Animal Welfare Building. They are trying to discover where the birds came from. They will announce soon whether the budgies will be up for adoption. Hopefully, they’ll all find good homes.

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adoptCooper is taking the day off from taking the day off to ask for help in spreading the word about pet adoption. If you would like to help, please post #NubsSaysAdopt to your Facebook page between 4-9pm CST today.

10410578_10205548739902790_3245567874575226854_nThank you from our little rescue birds Ozzie, Sunny, Alfie, Emmy, Lera, Felix, Harvey (and Gordie).

Introducing Harvey!

10Meet the newest member of the flock! I think we needed something positive to focus on after we lost Gordie, so we decided to adopt a new little one. Gordie definitely inspired us to provide a loving home for unwanted budgies. I wish we could take them all in…

Harry found him on Craigslist*. We’re not sure how old he is (the previous owner said they had him for 6 months and that they had purchased him from Petco). He isn’t banded and his wings are grown out, so who knows? His cage looked like it had never been cleaned (ugh), so we loaded him up in our quarantine cage and spirited him away.

Harvey is very nervous when we approach the cage and flips out when we put our hands in to change out his food and his water. Another taming challenge! He’s been calling to the other birds and I can’t wait for them to meet him. It’s nice to know another lonely bird will have a flock, and I’m glad the other budgies will soon have a new friend. Perhaps Cooper will take a shine to him…

*Harvey was the first budgie (not from a breeder) that was available on our Craigslist search. I think we are fated to have blue birds!