If you’re in the Oklahoma area…

promo269234229In October, 120 parakeets were found packed in boxes along a highway in Oklahoma. They are now at Oklahoma City’s Animal Welfare Building. They are trying to discover where the birds came from. They will announce soon whether the budgies will be up for adoption. Hopefully, they’ll all find good homes.

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9 thoughts on “If you’re in the Oklahoma area…

  1. Hah… this is my favorite line of the article: “There’s a lot of singing,” said Julie Bank with Animal Welfare. “It’s a little bit of a ruckus. My guess is they’re having a party in there for the day.”

    Sad that it happened, but looks like the 120 keets are entertaining each other. I still want to take all 120 home, lol.

    • wait, then I watched the video. And she says: “they are really sweet and looking for good homes” and they show a video of one of the budgies slamming his feets into the heads of a row of three other birds and trying to knock them off the perch…. LOL typical…..hahahahahhahahahha…..

  2. Imagine being the one to find the boxes! I wonder whether the birds were heard first, or if they started jumping about when the box was opened. They’re so cute!

  3. I want them all, too. They’re just little babies. Funny that they couldn’t find a photo of a budgie to use in the intro.

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